Cerveseria Catalluna

«Cerveseria Catalluna» is a unique fusion of ingredients. First, you have the famous «Valentine’s Dinner.» Then, you have the famous «Churros de Pollo» of Venezuela. This is a unique new take on two of the most popular dishes from South America. While it does not get to combine the perfection of both items, it certainly comes close.

Cerveseria Catalluna specializes in two particular dishes. The first is a unique take on the classic, traditional Barterese dish, «Tropado (or «potato soup»), a favorite in Venezuela and other parts of Latin America. This dish is made with black beans, onion, and lemon as well as white vinegar, salt, and chicken broth. This food is usually served at lunch during the day, but is often dusted with sugar, too. It goes down easy, so be prepared to be stuffed for hours.

The second dish offered by Cervesa Catalluna is the «Pancake con De Hombres.» This is a gigantic, fluffy, buttery, baked, beef-filled treat that can feed an entire family. A few strips of red or green pepper, chunks of onion, pieces of cheese, and fried corn on the cob are typical components of this huge plate of goodness. A giant bowl of grits is also a common element, along with fried shrimp, chicken fingers, red beans, and other goodies. Kids and adults alike love this food, which goes down easily and stays on the table until it is ready to dig in.

The bar is small and decorated in the traditional way in Caracas. Customers mingle in the small and cramped atmosphere and enjoy their meals. Prices are not exorbitant, and there is no reason to be apprehensive about ordering food. There are plenty of tables and seats available, and the prices make it easy to fit a large group into one sitting.

When you leave, you will find that the atmosphere changes drastically. The waiters will be gone, and the place is now busier than ever. As you walk in, the line to get your appetizers is long and people are scrambling to get a place to sit. There is plenty of room inside, and tables outside for those who want to enjoy the breeze and sunshine while dining outdoors.

If you are in the mood for authentic Spanish food and want to try something out of the ordinary, Cervesarias Catalluna is definitely a place you should try. It is one of the city’s best restaurants, and the staff will do their best to impress you. There is a large variety of different food to choose from, and the prices are reasonable. You can certainly splurge if you wish, but these days, that just isn’t possible.